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October 24, 2013 | Author: | Posted in Security

With the increase in internet crimes, identity guard protection service alerts you whenever there is unauthorized access or change to your information. The info under watch herewith includes personal profiles, credit cards information, bank account details, and company profiles and so on. An identity protection service therefore safeguards you against the following disasters that results from an identity theft:

  • Loss of money: whenever unauthorized parties get access to your credit card info or bank account info, it becomes easier for them to stash your money into their own bank accounts. Identity protection services safeguards you against any unwarranted access to your financial info. It works in tandem with the credit card protection and the associated compliance requirements.
  • Loss of integrity: whenever malicious individuals or parties gain access to your private info, chances are high that they will taint your name in bad light. Such people are able to tamper with your profile so that it reads negative about you, contrary to what you are. However, an ID protection service will act to alert you whenever a change on your profile has been effected out of your consent.

An ID protection service is basically divided into levels of protection provided. There is basic protection whereby the system simply prohibits anyone else to alter your public profiles or private info apart from you. It offers basic protection against credit card frauds and such like.

The second level is about more stringent protection. This involves the protection service offering you a more watchful eye; an extra protection. You could take up this service whenever you suspect there has been an attempt to access your private info or tampering with it.

The last and the ultimate service is the total protection service. Upon adoption of this service, you are ensured that no chance of anyone unauthorized get any access or ability to tamper with any of your info online or otherwise.

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