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October 25, 2013 | Author: | Posted in Security

Identity protection services protect you against criminal acts that dominate the internet nowadays. An unprotected account in the internet is basically more vulnerable to these cyber criminals than a protected account. But what is this cyber crime anyway?

The internet has brought with itself numerous benefits and demerits in equal measure. One of the biggest dangers when using the internet is identity theft. There are a lot of cyber crimes accomplished by criminals whose aim is to interfere with your bank account, personal profiles and monitor your actions online without your consent. You need to understand that these criminals have very ill intentions. When they gain access to your info online, they are able to do the following harm on you:

Issue threats: when criminals access your account they will learn more about you and plot felony on you. You therefore become a soft target for them. The worst thing is that all this access is happening without your consent.

Distort your reputation: when these criminals gain access to your accounts, they have control over them. They can change your personal profiles, paint them with bad light and before you know, several people who know you read the new changes on your profiles. It would be so hard to convince them that it was not you who did that. You might need to go along way before you regain your reputation.

Transfer cash: the first thing these criminals do when they finally gain access to your info online is to access your bank info. They look for discreet ways to transfer money from your account. Cases do exist where such attempts were successful and big time millionaires were ripped off. You already are scared stiff by now; but there is remedy.

That is why 5linx ID guard came about with effective strategies to protect your identity. The strategy is based on keeping watch on your account and profiles and alerting you whenever unauthorized persons hack into your account. The alert will come as soon as hacking is done or about to be done. The recommendations or advice given is you to change your passwords urgently.

The service also helps you come up with very effective passwords and password protection tactics to make it hard for cyber criminals to hack into your accounts. But the best thing here is the ability the service gives you; to keep track of your accounts and get alerted as soon as criminals access your account.


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