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October 25, 2013 | Author: | Posted in Digital Products

Come to think of it. To a majority of the population today, music makes life! No one disputes this. Whenever you catch yourself walking around with close music to your ears carrying your I pod with you, appreciate the simple fact that you are musically passionate. And yes, it’s you technology is addressing! 90% of your time is either you are carrying some musically enabled smart phone, or some portable hand friendly speaker! You realize that in a span of a very short time, your battery is about dying out on you. You get more frustrated don’t you? It is you either stop listening to your endeared music, or get to a stall to have it charged.

Notice you have to pay for the service and what’s more, you waste some precious time sitting and waiting for your phone to charge! Isn’t this infuriating? But here is some very good news for you! With the services that we are about to introduce to you, you will spend no more time idling in your street waiting for your phone to charge! Not ever! You will also no longer be limited to listening to the latest music in the industry! Yours will be just walking around appreciating and embracing the innovation of technology! Stop being a bother by borrowing your friend’s phone to listen to your music!

Have you heard of 5linx power play speakers? This is what we are talking about! This is a device that works as a portable speaker and it charges your Iphone without you having to plug them into a wall! 5Linx power play bares small speakers loud enough to give you the volume you want as well as give you the room to carry them all around your town! And what’s more, you definitely will be the envy of your friends. 5Linx power play provides you with a dock that charges your music player right on the go. 5Linx Power player is not selective on music gadgets.

It works pretty well on tablets, your smart phone, Iphone,I pad, and whatever other compatible music gadget you are using! You will realize that 5LInx Power play is a great product system that goes at a relatively significant price. 5linx power play system has a synonymously super high capacity rechargeable battery. All in all 5Linxpowerplay system is definitely a product you need to carry with you every where you go. Blast your car with music on your way from work when there is tight traffic. You will not realize the traffic clear but by the time you get home, you will totally be thankful to the 5Linx technologies!

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