5Linx Solutions – ID Guard, Data Vault and SafeScore Bundled Together

November 19, 2013 | Author: | Posted in Security

While there are several aspects of life that need to be kept on check, including guarding your ID, guarding your safe score and so on, it is always challenging to keep track of them, to safeguard them. There is simply one too many things to consider their safety in life to get all the time for them.

What 5Linx does is to identify and bring together three of the most vulnerable aspects that readily need protection and monitoring into one family bundle for affordability and convenience monitoring. These are your ID online, data vault, and safe credit score. These are three critical areas about yourself you need to keep good and constant track on.

While 5Linx ID guard ensures that no one hacks into any of your personal profiles online with malicious intensions to tarnish your name, safe score credit keeps track of your credits and ensures that nobody tampers with them. 5Linx data vault service on the other hand offer a close monitoring of all your long-term data to ensure it does not get lost or hacked into online. These three services brought together and offered by one reliable company means peace of mind for you.

Institutions like banks and some companies do record credit scores for individuals. Credits are supposed to elevate the trust you have for companies and banks alike. With increased credit scores means you can earn trust of many institutions for instance it gets easy to get a bank loan or get a company promotion.

Nonetheless, malicious people will be keen to erase your credit scores without your knowledge. With a safe guard like 5Linx credit score guard, you may never know who was acting felony on you and when. It is the duty of 5Linx to ensure you do not loose any hard earned credit, saved data or get your ID tarnished.

Common are cases where people have had their profiles hacked into and crucial info like credit card numbers hacked with catastrophic results. 5Links ID guard was formulated to alert you when such malicious people access your accounts online.

The problem is that it is not easy to manually keep track of all these info online. However, it is the task of the expertly engineered software at 5Linx to constantly monitor them for you. What’s only required of you is to act according to an alert. 5Linx ensures that you are automatically alerted whenever your info be it credits, data or IDs get accessed unauthorized.

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