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October 25, 2013 | Author: | Posted in Digital Products

Marketing in business and innovation go hand in hand.  The ability to reach to your target clients using means that you competitors are not using will always give a business person an upper hand. Therefore, you have to be very innovative to beat your competitors.  Business persons have had to digitize their marketing strategies for marketing to be efficient. One of the ways of doing this is the use of tablets that have replaced use of computers and PDAS.  Tablets are not only used as a side dish, but as the main meal; most business people can not do without them.

5linx tablet is designed to meet the needs of every consumer. The 5linx velocity TM android tablet helps every business person to get things done at a faster rate. Whether it is the sales of products or even in the access of updates while a business is on the road, the device has more meat to meet all these needs. The specifications for the tables include:

  • Touch screens navigation displays
  • Wi-Fi capabilities
  • Audio and video playback for MP3
  • Great quality RAM
  • Great storage system
  • Longer battery capabilities

The tablets are designed to ensure that the business person does not miss out on any thing during their operations. One can watch videos, read, listen to music and surf the web. With good storage capabilities the 5linx velocity TM android tablet comes in handy to ensure all the necessary data is stored. Further, you could receive updates on your business even while you are travelling due to the longer hours of battery.

The devices are also loaded with a number of applications that are necessary to improve quality of life. The applications include face book, webs browser, office suite and email application.   Further, the tablet, unlike many others, is known for good speed. Therefore, the consumer does not have to face the sluggish speed in downloading and uploading of any data.

Portability is one of the things that most people will consider while buying tablet. Some tablets are way too big, and will limit an individual doing presentations whether for business purposes or otherwise. 5linx velocity TM android tablet are designed to ensure that there is portability during the use of the device.  Even with all the features that come with the device, the price is fair. This means that most business persons and consumers can afford it.

Purchasing tablets, whether to replace or supplement the devices you have been using in your business or at home has proved inevitable. Factors such as portability, affordability, and processing power should always be in the mind of a consumer during the purchase- which is what5linx velocity TM android tablet offers.

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