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October 24, 2013 | Author: | Posted in Mobile Phones

Mobile phones have become such a big part of everyday life. The increase in demand for mobile phones has seen the increase of mobile accessories. Mobile phone accessory is hardware that is used to improve the performance or appearance of mobile phones. They are not usually an integral part of the mobile phone, they are manufactured separately. Different mobile phones will have different accessories. Some accessories are however common for most phones. Here is a look at some of the common accessories for mobile phones;

Mobile cases- these are casings that are made to fit mobile phones. They are usually for protection. They cover the back of the phone and part of the front. Cases are designed to fit specific phones exactly. That is why different makes of phones have their own cases. The mobile cases are also made from different materials. Rubber and plastic are common materials for cases. They usually come in different colors to suit different tastes.

Screen protectors- this is usually a clear plastic cover used for phone screens. Mobile phones have very sensitive screens especially touch screens. The protector is to ensure that the screen stays functional even after repeated usage. It also protects it from scratching.

Chargers- these are used to recharge the mobile phone battery when it dies. Chargers are made to be compatible with specific types of phones. Using the wrong charger could potentially damage a phone. Chargers are usually sold as a package with the phone.

Bluetooth Headsets- these make it possible to use a mobile phone hand free. They are suitable for someone who is driving. With Bluetooth headsets, there is no need to put the phone to the ear.

Belt Clips- this are used to clip a mobile phone to the belt or purse. They are meant to keep the phone secure.

Some mobile phone accessories are used to personalize the phone. Things like face plates and charms are meant to give a more personal feel to the phone.

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