Broad Cast Versus Satellite TV

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A majority of consumers across the globe cannot do without satellite television. The quality and the range of programs that comes with satellite TV makes life more interesting. The big problem in the past was the accessibility of satellite TV. People paid a lot of money for the same due to the monopolies that existed then. Today, the whole satellite industry has evolved, and many companies have come up with a way of ensuring that consumers can access satellite TV at an affordable rate

Broad Cast V/S Satellite TV

One similarity between broadcast TV and satellite TV is that both of them are wireless systems that bring into the homes of majority various television programs.  Still, both of them transmit the programming through a radio signal. However there are various differences between the broadcast TV and satellite TV.  Broadcast TV uses powerful antennas to transmit the radio waves to the area surrounding.  With a small antenna, the viewers are able to receive the programs with ease.

However, the biggest limitation with broadcast TV is that some of the signals will never reach the antenna due to big obstacles such as the earth.  The curved earth always breaks the signals that are received when an antenna is in direct line with the antenna.  Further, the signals are always distorted, which makes it impossible for the viewers to get clear pictures on the television

Satellite television solves all the problems faced by people using broadcast TV.  With the use of special antennas known as satellite dishes, the images are very clear. Further, the consumers can get a whole range of programs, thanks to satellite TV.  The components of satellite TV include:

  • Programming sources
  • Broadcast center
  • Satellite system
  • Satellite dish and
  • The receiver

Companies That Provide Various Satellite TV Packages

In the past, only explorers were using satellite dishes to accomplish various tasks. When it was finally accessible for use in TV programming, the monopolies took advantage and charged exorbitantly for the services. Today, viewers do not have to pay too much for the same. Various companies such as 5linx have come up with ways of ensuring that the consumer receives range in programming at an affordable rate. The satellite TV providers will normally select the programs from the satellite dishes, which are then provided to the consumers as a package. The companies use digital programming, which means that the pictures are more clear and of quality sound.

The consumer will have the liberty to pay for less or more depending on the package that they settle for. The consumers will hence pay a certain fee at the end of every month or as per the agreement with the service providers. Service providers such as 5linx provide good packages-in terms of range- at an affordable rate.

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