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Telephone service revolutionized communication. It’s however always evolving and to this day and age, it’s pretty possible to make international calls easily. Telephone has become an unspoken mandatory part of life especially in business communication. One is simply unconventional without a telephone communication especially without a mobile phone.

Nonetheless, there has been one problem associated with telephone calls and that is the cost. Efforts have been made to enhance the quality of the service including being able to make clear calls virtually to anywhere across the world, and the latest and most advanced of them all being ability to make calls over the internet. But despite all this, standardizing telephone calling rates has been a problem.

Apart from the few problems regarding the quality of calls especially international calls, the cost involved has been the major concern. But this problem has not persisted to this age, not until voice over internet protocol, VoIP was developed.

VoIP is basically making and receiving telephone calls over the internet as opposed to a standard telephone network. It’s principled to convert voice calls into data for them to be transferred into the internet to the recipient. It is preferred for business due to low cost and the quality. But you have to subscribe to a service that offers the service to start enjoying it. This is where you need to play your cards well.

Despite it being a preference of many people, the services that offer it have become untrustworthy and unscrupulous. With some of these VoIP service providers, the cost remains high and the reliability is unguaranteed. But one service provider and that is Globalinx stands out conspicuously.

Globalinx VoIP ensures that you benefit fully from the VoIP. Globalinx is tailor made to ensure a smooth connection to the VoIP broadband anytime without interruptions. It has made it affordable for everyone by offering low cost monthly subscriptions to the service. There are other added free calling features with any subscription to the service.

Besides, it offers great convenience in that it has no peak times or affected by network mishaps. The service is 24hours and connecting your devises to Globalinx VoIP is easy due to the high speed internet. It’s also a great way to receive video calls in your office or home at low prices. With its monthly subscription, you are set to enjoy free voice mail, caller ID, call waiting, three ways calling and so on.

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