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Technology has become the in thing in our communication. With better communication technologies such as VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). Any individual can be in a position to communicate anywhere and anytime without any mishaps.

What is VOIP technology?

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) also referred to as Internet Protocol (IP) is a communication technology that uses the internet as the core medium to exchange data and information. It works through the concept of transmission of telephone calls through an IP network.

Why is VOIP recommended?

VOIP is recommended because it is an improvement of the older version of the telephone switching network. Additionally, this type of communication is governed by a set of rules and regulations. They aim at depicting how the communication will be established, maintained and terminated between the two parties. With that said, the set of rules and regulations that are used are better defined as protocols. Therefore, VOIP uses the following protocols to ensure swift and effective communication between the individuals involved.

What are the protocols used by VOIP?

These include: Session Announcement Protocol, Session Initiation Protocol, Media Gateway Control Protocol, Skinny Client Control Protocol, Simple Gateway Control Protocol, Gateway Control Protocol and the Session Description Protocol.

For businesses, VOIP is recommended due to the fact that it yields benefits to the company as compared to using other telephone communication channels.

Below are the reasons why business should opt for VOIP:

  • Cheaper long distance communication: It is without doubt that long distance communication is not cheap. However, with VOIP, the costs associated with making long distance calls are reduced drastically. Therefore, making the service pocket friendly.
  • Make calls from anywhere and anytime: With VOIP, making calls from anywhere in the world is certain. There are no geographical limitations with this service.
  • Enhanced calling features: Since VOIP is an improvement of the older version of the telephone switching network, it brings forth captivating features such as ID calling, video calls, waiting calls, conference calls, sending and receiving documents.

What is needed to enjoy the benefits of VOIP?

  • The internet is the number priority when it comes to using VOIP as a service. Additionally, the internet service should be stable and reliable.
  • Secondly, there must be an internet enabled device or a computer that will be used so as to gain access to the internet.
  • Thirdly, devices such as headsets or microphones are needed so as to allow for voice communication.

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