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Of all the pets there is, dogs are some of the very difficult pets to deal with in trying to get a caption of their photos. To many families, dogs and cats are some of the common pets there are. They are considered as members of the family and therefore taking photos and making portraits of them leaves the owner with a great achievement. Usually all pet lovers want to have their pet portrait paintings as wall decorations.

To some point, it is very easy to summon and get good attention from cats and dogs. For a cat all you do is make some noise with a can opener, while dogs easily respond to calls. But; talk of photos. The moment you point a camera at them, they suddenly develop cold feet. The most common reaction to some is they run away. Others especially cats will come closer to the camera and rub their bodies against the lens. Dogs could go ahead and leak the camera.

Whenever you plan to photograph a pet, you need to be extra cautious with the photography. Likewise, it is very important to work along with a pet portrait artist. Pet portrait artists collaborate in determining the best positions for very good portraits. With your camera, there are a few considerations you need to implement.

Considerations For Pet Photography

  • The camera exposure mode- Notice that pets are very sensitive to flash light. Whether the pet is sleeping or not, very fast light will affect and change their expressions. With this in mind therefore, it is advisable to work with auto mode whenever you plan to take a photo of the pet. Be ware of the aperture too. The aperture fully determines the depth of your field. Whenever the light is consistent, choose to work manually with the exposure and simply leave it as it is.
  • Consider the aperture- The aperture’s size determines the size of the area in focus. With an aperture of f5.6, the background is blurred, leaving the subject at a very sharp and clear view. For shots dimmed to be static at a close range, f5.6 works very well and leaves the subject standing out. With a plan of capturing action of the pet, a smaller aperture is recommended, because it leaves the depth of the field exposed.
  • The cameras shutter speed must also be in the picture- For static photos of the pet, a very high shutter speed works very well. For instant, to capture the movement of a running dog, you will need a very high shutter speed. Notice that the hands must be really still and relaxed to avoid any distortions of the photo by a shaking hand.
  • Also consider the camera’s focus mode- Notice that with pets in action, you need to employ AF for the shots. This ensures that the camera keeps refocusing on your subject as it runs. This helps you capture crucial moments you wouldn’t have if the shots were taken casually.

Therefore to capture a dog’s crucial posture, you need to employ great knowledge of good positioning of your camera. Notice that portraits call for unique photos. Great photos will definitely create great dog portrait paintings.

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