Considerations For Painting A Pet Portrait From A Photo

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To a majority of pet lovers, the best gift anyone would ever give to them would stand out as their pet’s portrait. Therefore the next time you go visiting your neighborhood friend whose great love is for pets, be sure to get a nice portrait as a gift. However, painting a portrait from a photo may not necessarily prove as easy as it may seem. Notice that unlike humans or other unmoving subjects, it is close to impossible to have a pet, especially dogs painted while seated at a possible painting position all through. Therefore, it will only prove possible to have the pet taken a photo, and then the painting is done, the photo or the picture being the subject.

Below, are simple guidelines highlighting on the general considerations for portraiture:

  • The first obvious step to begin with, is to either take a photo of the pet or make quick sketches of it. Take the specific poses you want the sketch to appear in.
  • The other key aspect to consider is the breed of your pet. Notice that different breeds have different characteristics and features. What you need to put into perspective is the shape of your subject and the proportion. Notice that what you want to achieve by the end of your painting is the best and most perfect portraiture there can be. Ensure that you are not painting a generic, but the key individuality of the pet.
  • Watch out on the eyes of the pet. It is important to know that a slight change in the painting and the real pet could lead to a view of a completely different pet. Keenly observe the highlights of your pet, and then get back to your painting with a clear picture in mind. In the whole of a pet’s painting, the eyes are the trickiest parts to paint. Take a very close look too on the size of the pupil and its positioning. With the right painting of the pet’s eye, the rest of the painting is significantly very easy.
  • Pet portrait artists attest to paws as being another challenging area there is in pet painting portraiture. For a running dog for example, what a pet portrait artist will need is a running dog picture. Another reason why it proves difficult to paint a dog’s legs and paws for example, is because different breeds have different forms of the legs and paws. Pay close attention to the hairy dogs and other pets. Look closely at the hair flow towards the legs. Also to some puppies, the legs are even larger and less proportionate to the rest of the body.
  • The pet portrait painters must also pay close attention to the color of the eyes. Notice that different breeds have different eye color. A majority of the pets have brown eyes especially the dogs. However, this is not always the gospel truth! What pet portrait artists must do is closely observe the pet’s eye color.
  • A good portrait painting from a photo must be creative. Don’t just give your viewers the obvious. Giving a pet painting from the puppy’s angle could actually give a very nice and unique perspective unlike the aerial view.

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