Data Vault – The Importance

October 25, 2013 | Author: | Posted in Security

There is no company that does not want to protect their data. Some of the data is so important to the extent that its loss would cost a company a lot of money. Unfortunately we cannot predict some risks and events that may lead to loss of data. For example, a fire can break out within any given premises, and data could be lost in the process. However, it is possible to have back up long term storage of data. Data vault helps to have a historic storage of data coming from many operational systems within any given company. Many companies provide the services, notably among them the 5linx.

Data vault is also helpful in the following areas:

  • Auditing
  • Tracing important data
  • Resilience to change for a company
  • The speed of loading of data in a company

Data vault involves a number of things. Firstly, the need to know where certain data comes from is of paramount importance. Therefore, an auditor will be considerate of the place where data was recorded and the date in which the recording was done. Still, data vault does not revolve around cleansing of unnecessary data. Rather, it is possible to get all the facts with data vault; whether data is considered bad or otherwise. Further, data vault will help any given company to become resilient to change by ensuring that there is a distinction between structural and descriptive information. Finally, data vault ensures that it is possible to avoid redesign by the means of parallel loading

5linx Data Vault is not only designed for companies. It is also designed for individuals who would wish to have a backup storage for some of the important data. Some of the data stored in some of the devices mean a whole world to us. There are some photos, music, videos and art pieces that define who we are. As such, when a mistake happens, say loss of a device or when we delete the data, we may end up panicking. Well, data vault helps you have a place to turn to when such things happen. Most of companies such as 5linx will have big data storage back up. 5linx will provide you with a 250GB of storage. This obviously means that you can store a lot of information either as a company or as an individual.  Besides storage, data vault will enable you to:

  • Access your files from any computer
  • Share information with the people that you wish to
  • Get automatic back up updates

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