Different Ways Of Customizing Your Pet Portrait

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One thing that people love about pet portraits is that they can be customized. Some effects can be added to make the portraits look the way you want. Customization of course will depend on the individual. One way you can have a pet portrait painting customized is through size. You can have the portrait in virtually any size you want. For instance you can choose to have your pet portrait small enough for your wallet. That would make it possible to carry around in your back pocket or in your purse. When you are traveling, you can have a reminder of your favorite pet right with you.

You can also have the portrait made to fit a locket. This would make for a very sentimental gift. You can have the portrait of the pet and maybe a picture of the pet owner the other side of the pocket. This is a gift you can give to someone who has just lost their pet. You can also have a large portrait done for a wall in your house. This can go in the hallway or in your office wall. It could be part of your interior décor. You can also have also have the portrait small enough to place on your office desk or bed side. The application of the portrait will determine the size.

Color can also be used in customization. You can have a dog portrait painting added with a few colors to change some effects. You can also have the portrait artist add a few things in the environment. You can for example have a rainbow added to a portrait of a dog in the park. This would give you that perfect environment you are looking for. There are other effects too that the artist could add to liven up the portrait. You can customize a portrait by having some part of the photo cropped out. Maybe you have the perfect photo to be used for the portrait but there are some elements you could do without.

A pet portrait from photo does not mean that the artist is limited. If there are some things that need to be added, the artist can do that. You have this photo of your pet dog that is just so perfect but part of the ear is missing. That is something that the artist can fix. Then you can have just the portrait you were hoping for. You can also add other people or pets in the portrait. The perfect pet portrait does not have to be of the dog alone. You can have the family pose with the dog and then have a portrait created of that.

You can also have some other pets join in. Another way to customize pet portrait paintings is through the frame. If your portrait is large enough, it can be framed. Frames come in so many varieties. There is literally no end to what you can do when it comes to framing. The secret is to getting something that reflects your style and looks good too. The best thing about pet portrait artists is that they have found techniques to make portraits look as real as possible. That means you can have a portrait that will reflect every aspect of the real thing from the mood to the texture.

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