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October 24, 2013 | Author: | Posted in Mobile Phones

One of the most utilized post pay and prepay mobile services is mobile call. It’s the basic of having a mobile phone. However even as the phone calls continue to experience new innovations, one of the major problems has been the geographic or demographic range at which a phone call can cover. Traditionally, phone calls were transmitted via phone lines. With this, there was limitation as to where and how far a call could be made.

Later on, lines were replaced by wireless network.  Networks used to serve a given geographic area. Normally mobile phone operators were compelled to concentrate their networks where populations were denser. This was in order to ensure that they made the most out of their network cover by reaching out to many people at one go. However this did leave the telephone service with a big room for improvement because there were still very many people out of network anyway.

As of today, phone operators have gone further to ensure that calls can be made to as far as abroad. This is as a result of integrating networks as well as using more sophisticated phones and mobile phones that have very strong reception and transmission ability. Besides, there was the development of digital communication methods such as protocols like the VOIP.

However after the introduction of international wireless calls, the next mile stone was to make it less costly. Initially they were billed very high. It therefore meant that only the most important calls could be made. As of now, the reliable companies and mobile phone operators that offer affordable international calls have emerged. Just like local calls, international calls are also easy and fast to connect unlike in the past.

Competition for subscribers between mobile phone service providers has also played a major role in ensuring affordable local and international calling rates. One just needs to make that choice between operators to identify one that works best for them.

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