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Pre-paid mobile services are generally mobile services that are provided after payment. The subscriber has to credit their phone with airtime before using any services. The credit gets used up every time a service is accessed. Prepaid mobile services only charge for the services consumed. If the user does not access any services, the credit remains unchanged. Services can however never be accessed when the credit dries up; except for emergency services. A user can top up credit whenever they want to. Credit for prepaid mobile services is usually sold in stores by authorized dealers. With prepaid mobile services, customers don’t really have an obligation to keep their phones credited.

Pre paid service are also known as pay-as-you-go or pay-as-you-talk services. With prepaid services, the subscriber does not have a contract with the network provider. This means that they can switch from one network to another when they choose to. There are complications involved during migration. Prepaid customers have access to most of the services that are provided by a mobile service. There are also services that are made available for prepaid customers. For instance, they can get internet bundle offers or bulk texts.

Traditionally, there was no form of registration for prepaid customers. However, there are network providers now who require the registration of SIM cards for security purposes. There are also a variety of plans that are provided for prepaid mobile customers. The plans are tailor-made for the different demographics. It is up to the subscriber to decide which plan suits them best. Modes of payment for prepaid services may vary from one place to another. A top-up card is however the most common. The top-up usually has an expiry date. The credit has to be used before then. In recent times, there has been the introduction of electronic means of crediting prepaid mobile services.

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