Hanging Chandelier

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Hanging chandelier is a chic and graceful ceiling decorative that blends perfectly with your room and interiors. It simply catches the imagination of an onlooker beyond awe. The ceiling fixture is hung from the hook or a clip, and renders a gorgeous appeal to the environment. It matches perfectly with any party occasion such as anniversary celebrations, engagement parties, night parties and many more. Each hanging fixture is hand crafted and hand designed with adept hands of an artisan. What’s more, the best part is that each hanging fixture is embellished with beautiful cut glass pieces, sumptuous and shining crystals, lampshades, artistically designed bulbs and many more.

Hanging chandelier is experimented in different shapes. They are manufactured in 3,4,5,6 and many other arm combinations. The arms are crafted in bronze, silver, wrought iron and brass to give the feeling of bulkiness, grandeur and awe. Besides, the beautiful lighting work done on the hanging fixture further enlivens the environment and makes it mesmerizing.

Tips for Hanging Chandelier

Following tips will enhance the longevity of the loveable ceiling fixture:

  • The hanging fixture must be hung at the center of the living room, dining room and bedroom. This increases the beauty of both the room and the ceiling fixture.
  • Control the light intensity of the fixture to optimum level using wall dimmer.
  • Must be hung at approximate 48-inches from the edge of the room.
  • Every part of the fixture must be cleaned thoroughly once in a month.

Give these tips a serious thought to make your ceiling fixture run generations after generations.


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