How To Get A Good Pet Portrait

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How To Get It Done

Pet portrait paintings make for very good house decorations. A large portrait of the family dog can add some life into the house. Getting a portrait done for your dog can be quite challenge. Having the dog pose as a model comes with several problems especially for the artists. Granted, some dogs can be patient and survive maybe a few minutes lying still on the ground. That however can not be said for every other dog. There are some that cannot even stay still for a second. That makes it hard for the artist to get the portrait done. They would have to keep stopping to direct the dog.

This is the reason why photos are used. A dog portrait from photo turns out just as good as the real thing. This is because the dimensions of the photo and the portrait are generally the same. You can have a photo reproduced into a portrait. Taking the photo of the dog will not take as long as it would a portrait. Even if your dog is camera shy, you can try to get its attention for a few seconds. When taking the photo of the dog it is important to keep the dog calm. Do not try to force the dog to face you. It is best to take photos when the dog is not looking. You can try and catch the dog while playing. This type of photo would be more authentic.

What For

A dog portrait painting can be used for a few things. For one, it could be a gift for someone who has always wanted a pet but can have it. For instance a friend who has dog allergies but loves dogs so much. You can find one of their favorites dogs and get a portrait done for them .It may not be as good as the real thing but it would be a great consolation. Or may be you have a child in the house who wants a dog for a pet but you don’t want to get them one. Maybe you are scared they are not responsible enough. A portrait would be a good distraction in the meanwhile.

You can commission a dog portrait painter to create a portrait for you your dog. If you have pet dog and you feel they need some company, you can have a portrait made for them. Of course the portrait can be of a different dog. Then you can hang that somewhere that is visible to them. That way they can see anytime they want to. It’s not uncommon to get your dog a gift and a portrait would be a nice one.

You can also have a portrait made for yourself. Maybe you have that dog you love so much but can’t find it. You can find a photo of it even if it’s online and use it for a portrait. You can have your pet portrait done anyway you want. If you are an oil painting aficionado, you can have one done for you. If you prefer pencil drawings, you can have that too. A pet portrait is about having that perfect moment captured on camera and then reproduced on canvas.

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