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Satellite television comprises of communications satellite and an outdoor antenna. A consumer has the option of having the satellite receiver either in set top box or an in built form on their TV. Still, the consumer could have the satellite linked into their own computers. In this case, the satellite services will be given in form of a card or USB peripheral which will then be attached to the computers.

Depending on the needs of the consumer, they may have either analogue or digital satellite receivers. In most cases, consumers have chosen digital satellite receivers due to the clarity involved on the same. However, there are some consumers who may choose analogue satellite receivers in their bid to save on costs on the same.

The authorities have the right to retain cable monopoly as far as satellite television is concerned. As such, many service providers have come up with ways of ensuring that the consumers are able to receive the same services at given rates. The clarity and affordability of satellite television services entirely depends with the service providers. Therefore, the consumer is spoilt for choice as to which service provider to engage on the same.

A certain fee is charged by the service providers every month. The service provider will select certain programs and later offer the package to the consumer at a given fee. The consumer has the option of selecting the service provider who is able to offer as many channels as possible at good rates. The satellite TV services are offered with detail to clarity of reception by most service providers. As such, the digital programming is highly used by the service providers to ensure that the consumers are satisfied in the long run. The service providers have the obligation to ensure that they have installed the satellite dishes and offered guidance to the consumer on the usage.

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