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Satellite TV service is basically the programming of TV programmes. It is what is delivered through communication satellite and received by a satellite dish. Satellite dish is basically a high quality direct antenna. Satellite TV is more of a broadcast TV. It is a wireless system that delivers TV programmes directly to homes. It transmits the programming through a radio signal. The broadcast stations use powerful antenna in the transmission of radio waves.

Therefore for any viewer to receive the direct broadcast, they have to be directly connected to the antenna. Note that the radio signals used in the broadcast television directly from the antenna are usually in a straight line. You realize that huge obstacles in the form of earth could be a great obstacle for the direct transmission of the broadcast Television waves. However, small obstacles in the category of tall buildings or trees cannot be an obstacle. Notice that the earth is not flat. It is round, waves travel in a straight line. Otherwise if it were, then the waves would travel miles and miles away from the source. For that simple reason therefore, the waves are obstructed and are brought into a halt by the curved planet earth.

Despite the very good service of broadcast TV, the signal is usually often distorted and for this reason again, the viewer or the person accessing the waves has to be very close to the antenna for much clear signals, usually with less sources of distraction of the waves. Therefore for better access of the broadcast TV services, the major solution to this has been the satellite TV provision. Satellite TV uses specialized antenna. With the fact that satellite TV uses special dishes that are placed high above the ground, it makes it possible to access the waves with much ease.

You realize that since the dishes are high up in the sky, then it becomes possible for them to tap the waves much better and with less abstraction. With Satellite TV service, it is now possible to access a wide range of broadcast. A majority of people today access the programming through a direct broadcast satellite provider widely known as DBS. Different viewers select a variety of broadcasts, subscribe and pay for them as a package. Different providers are geared towards providing dozens of channels to the viewer’s TV with the fact that there is high competition today from a wide range of providers. With the fact the the providers range from different variety of channels therefore, the rates likewise vary. However, all are digital and the footage and sound quality is synonymously good. The broadcast centers act as a link between the viewer and the satellite provider. This is because the viewer at home does not access the broadcast directly from the satellite providers but rather from the broadcast center.

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