The Effectiveness Of Text Communication In Churches

November 20, 2013 | Author: | Posted in Communications

The church today is more vibrant than it was in the yester years. Many events are held within the church premises, most of them organized to cover al areas of member’s life. Therefore, many members are always looking forward to find out about the details of the next meetings from the church. This necessitates that the church leaders communicate with the members in advance on the same.

The transparency matters are also very loud in the church setting. The members may want to find out about the contributions or how the voting for leadership has been conducted. Making such announcements during every church gathering may not be effective. Some members may also not be available during such a meeting, yet have the right to such information.

One easy and effective way of communication with the congregation is through texts.  The members will receive all the details about meeting, voting and other decisions on their mobile phones. It is a good way of reaching out to members who are not able to attend church meetings, making sure that they do no feel left out at any given point.

There are several factors that should be considered during text communication:


It is important that people get all the details of the piece of information that you want to pass across. As such, all the words should be chosen carefully. Ambiguous information may send the wrong information or leave more questions than answers

Including every member

It is important that the church members list is always updated; so that every one is included during text communication. Without such, you may leave some people very disappointed- yet unintentionally so.  The names, phone numbers and the location should always be made clear before the texting is done.


It is wise to consider the amount of money that you spend on this type of communication. Text communication using the normal rates can be very expensive. There are many service providers who are able to offer better rates to ensure that this communication is done effectively and in an affordable manner.

Text communication has become very popular and effective, and it is wise that the church considers it. Many service providers have come up with custom made products for the church on the same. As such, the tone of the message and the type of message passed on is appropriate for the church members. This is done at an affordable rate. Finding a reliable and affordable service provider is advisable in this regard.

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