What Better Way To Appreciate Your Pet Than Through A Pet Portrait Painting?

October 24, 2013 | Author: | Posted in Photography

A portrait painting is the most amazing pet gift that you could ever have for your dog. Not only are pet portrait paintings accustomed to be given as gifts for pets that are alive, but they can also be given as a pet loss gift to somebody who has lost their pet. This is a great way to ensure that the pet has a lasting memory on the owners mind. When compared to pictures/photos, portrait paintings will always take the upper hand. This is due to the fact that portrait paintings have their outstanding and remarkable benefits that will always outdo the photos/pictures

What benefits do you get when you take a pet portrait painting?

1. Long lasting: The first benefit is that portrait paintings last longer when compared to photos. This is because they do not have the colour fading property in them. Even better would be the use of oil paintings because they have better benefits as compared to water paintings.

What are the benefits of oil paintings for pet portraits?

It is important to know what type of painting would be worth the effort. A lot of pet portrait painters recommend oil paintings due to the following reasons.

  • Drying time is longer: Oil paintings do take a longer time to dry. This is because of the oil elements that have been used to make the paint. The common oil elements include: Binder (this is the oil component in the paint) and Turpentine (this is the element that is used to “thin” the oil so as to allow for easy spreading on the material during paint brushing). These elements are the ones that contribute to the oil painting taking a longer time to dry. Usually, they can take a couple of weeks to dry out. The benefit of this feature to the pet portrait artist is that; it can give them ample time to work on other features of the portrait without jitters that some uncompleted parts will dry up faster than others.
  • Last longer: Due to the fact that they take longer to dry, they also last longer once they are dry.
  • Colour consistency: Oil paintings do have colour clarity once they dry up.
  • Colour finishes: The oil paintings can also be customized to have amazing finishes. That is; they can be made to appear opaque or transparent depending on the scene.

The other important thing to know is that despite the stated benefits, if you need a fast portrait painting done, the oil painting option would not fit into your time slot. The reason behind this is that oil paintings take longer to dry as compared to water colour paintings. However, this is an advantage in disguise.

2. Decorations: Portraits are far much better as house decorations when compared to photos. This is because they can be framed and hung in the house or home at any spot. They additionally bring an art flavour into the house when compared to pictures.

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