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This best is enshrined in article 6 of Law No. 13 of 2003 which states that “every employee / laborer is eligible for equivalent treatment without discrimination of businessmen”. That is, the employer should provide workers’ rights and obligations regardless of their ethnicity, race, religious beliefs, gender, color, descent, and political orientation.

The calculation of gratuityworking period of 3 (three) years or more but less than 6 (six) years, two (2) months of wages;working amount of 6 (six) years or even more but less than 9 (nine) years, three (3) months’ salary;working period of 9 (nine) years or more but less than twelve (12) years, four (4) months of wages;working period of 12 (twelve) years or even more but significantly less than 15 (fifteen) years, five (5) months of wages;working amount of 15 (fifteen) years or even more but significantly less than 18 (eighteen) years, six (6) months of wages;working amount of 18 (eighteen) years or even more but less than 21 (twenty-one) years, seven (7) months of wages;working period of 21 (twenty-one) years or more but significantly less than 24 (24) years, eight (8) a few months of wages;working amount of 24 (twenty four) years or more, 10 (ten) months of wages.

Along with Article 12 paragraph 1 of Law Zero. 13 of 2003 which reads “Entrepreneurs are in charge of the improvement and expansion of the competence of their employees through job training”That is, during function in a company therefore every worker is entitled to training job. The work training is a job training which includes hard skills and tender skills. Job training could be undertaken by employers internally or through government-owned training institutions, or privately owned work-training establishments licensed. But what should be underlined is that costs linked to such training must be borne by the business.

This ideal is enshrined in document 31 of Law No. 13 of 2003, which reads “Every worker gets the same rights and chances to choose, obtain, or changed careers and earn a reasonable income on the inside or beyond your country”That is, every worker gets the right to choose the desired workplace. There must be no coercion or threats from the employer if the employee selection is not according to the wishes of employers.

And Content 12 Paragraph 1 of Act Zero. 13 of 2003 which states that “Employers will be responsible for improving and workers’ competence advancement through vocational training”That is, while working for a company then simply every worker is eligible for get job training. Job training is employment training that includes hard skills and very soft skills. Job training could be done by business owners both internally and through the establishments of government-owned job training, or job training establishments privately owned licensed. Nevertheless, that needs to be underlined is definitely all related costs of such teaching ought to be borne by the business.

Right of acknowledgement of competence and job qualification.

This best suited is regulated in Article 6 of Law Quantity 13 Time 2003 which reads “every worker / laborer is entitled to equivalent treatment without discrimination from businessman”. That is, Employers must give workers rights and obligations regardless of race, race, religious beliefs, sex, color, descent, and political flow.

Right to choose work placement.

The right to equivalent treatment without discrimination.

Every worker / laborer is eligible for strike the fundamental rights of staff / laborers and trade unions / labor unions as stated in article 138 of Law Zero. 13 of 2003. However, a strike should be conducted relative to the applicable provisions.

The right to worship.

To work overtime in document 78 of Law No. Lihat selengkapnya kuliah pelayaran. 13 of 2003:Overtime work can be carried out at most 3 hours per day.Overtime work can be done at most 14 hours weekly.Entitled overtime.

Right to Strike.

The right of working time in Article 77 of Laws Number 13 Year 2003:7 hours a day equivalent to 40 hours weekly for 6 working days a week, or8 hours a time and 40 hours a week for 5 working days within.Your Employees? Understand Your Rights Under Law No. 13 of 2003. The amount of people working in Indonesia, based on the Central Bureau subset of the figures published in 2015 reached 120 million. The functioning population continues to increase from year to yr kuliah pelayaran. To safeguard the rights of employees, the federal government set its policy basis in the form of Act No. 13 of 2003 on Manpower.

Right to earnEvery employee / laborer is eligible for the income that meet up with the surge in 2016 UMP good livelihood for humanity that happen to be tailored to the provincial minimum wage or minimum amount wage town, or sectoral minimum amount wage.Every worker / laborer who work out their right to rest in accordance with Article 79, paragraph 2, article 80, and article 82, have entitlement to their full wages.Every worker / laborer who are ill and can not do the job, it is eligible for a wage with the provisions of document 93 paragraph 2 of Law No. 13 of 2003:The first 4 months earn 100%4 months both earn 75%4 third month make 50%For another month to find the wages of 25%, as long as do not layoffs.

Rights of women workers in Law No. 13 of 2003:Article 76 Paragraph 1. Workers of women beneath the age group of 18 (eighteen) years are prohibited from employing between 23:00 s.d. 7:00.Article 76 Paragraph 2. Employers happen to be prohibited from employing pregnant women employees / laborers who, relating to physicians, are harmful to their own health insurance and basic safety if employed between 23:00 s.d. 7:00.Article 76 Paragraph 3. Women working between 23:00 s.d kuliah pelayaran di surabaya. 07:00 is entitled to receive nutritious food and refreshments and guarantees of decency and basic safety during work.Article 76 Paragraph 4. Women who work kuliah pelayaran di semarang between the hours of 23:00 s.d. 05:00 is entitled to get pickup.Article 81. Ladies who are menstruating and feeling ill, after that notify the employers, it isn’t mandatory to focus on the initial and second day at the time of menstruation.Article 82 paragraph 1. Women are entitled to rest for 1.5 weeks before delivery, and 1.5 months after delivery according to the calculation of obstetrician or midwife.Article 82 paragraph 2. Women who have problems with miscarriage are entitled to a 1.5 month rest or according to an obstetrician or midwife.Article 83. Women will be entitled to the opportunity to breastfeed their child if it is to be done during working hours.

This ideal is enshrined in content 18 paragraph 1 of Law Zero. 13 of 2003, which reads “Labor right to obtain reputation of the competence of work after training arranged labor job training institutions of federal government, the private job schooling institutions, or training in the workplace.”Aswell as in article 23 of Law Zero. 13 of 2003, which reads “The labor have got completed an apprenticeship course have entitlement to recognition of job competence and qualifications of the company or the certification body.”That is, following the worker job teaching certificate of competency as evidenced through the work of companies / employers must understand that competency. Thus, with the recognition, it can be the basis for workers to obtain rights in accordance with their competence.

However, it really is unfortunate that very few of the staff perceive their rights happen to be regulated in the Take action. It is a fine dining for business owners to reduce costs through the misuse of personnel’ rights. Then, what exactly are the workers’ rights in the Act? The following authors will describe the rights of workers who’ve been protected by the Take action.

Rights to become listed on trade unions.

Workers / laborers in accordance with article 80 of Regulation No. 13 of 2003, are entitled to get a chance to apply their religion required by his faith. In this respect, the Islamic religious workers are entitled to time and an opportunity to perform prayer during operating hours, and it can take time off to execute Hajj. For the religious worker apart from Islam, it can also carry out other functions of worship in accordance with their respective religions.

Deciding on the best job placement.

Right to the length of time working in Article 77 biaya kuliah pelayaran surabaya pelayaran of Legislation No. 13 of 2003:7 hours a working day equals 40 hours a week for a 6-working day work week, or8 hours a time and 40 hours a week for a 5-working day work week.

Right to rest and leave do the job in document 79 paragraph 2 of Law No. 13 of 2003:breaks between working hours, at least half an hour after working for 4 hours consistently and rest periods do not include hours of do the job;The weekly rest evening for a six-day do the job week or 2 times after 5-day do the job week;Annual keep, at least 12 working days after the worker / laborer doing work for 12 months continuously.Extended break, at least 2 months and was completed in the seventh and eighth respectively one month for workers / laborers who was simply doing work for 6 years continuously in the same enterprise with the provisions of workers / laborers are no longer be entitled to break annual within 2 years running and then connect with any multiple of the working hard period of 6 years.

You Personnel? Understand Your Rights Relative to Law Zero. 13 of 2003. The amount of people working in Indonesia in line with the Central Bureau of Figures published in 2015 reached 120 million. The quantity of working people continues to improve from year to calendar year. To protect the rights of workers, the Government shall establish the basis of its policy by means of Act Zero kuliah pelayaran di surabaya. 13 of 2003 on Manpower


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