Your Wireless Charging Device – The 5Linx PowerPlay

November 22, 2013 | Author: | Posted in Digital Products

The 5linx powerplay2 is absolutely your drive to the next shopping spree! This new device comes with a super amazing set of upgrades, a make of the 5linx. 5linx seems not to go down on its usual surprises. This time around it comes with a really adorable devise, the 5linx powerplay. 5linx powerplay is not as big as its name. It is basically a pocket friendly gadget, a device that keeps your face bright all day. This device has the full capacity to give you the best base sound you ever dreamed of. The set of speakers is simply amazing. These speakers are fully enhanced with super amazing effect, which can be termed as crazily powerful and clear.

What’s more, the battery life is one of a kind. You have to charge the battery for a long time but once it’s full, it gives the best service there simply can be. In short, the battery life is long, and the capacity to store up energy is really great. This device is not just beneficial, but the outer cover is also really good. It has this sleek sweet design, which actually has led many people to purchase it. The 5linx powerplay 2 has a perfectly fitted LED screen, fully advanced. The LED screen lets you know just how much is left for you to enjoy from the powerplay.

Look at this. With the 5linx powerplay, you have the full capacity to make wireless as well as cord free calls. You do not have to be stranded because of lack of power ever again! The 5linx power play has a well advanced Bluetooth. It is time for you to indulge and enjoy what technology has to offer. With the Bluetooth; unlike with the common mobile phones is really fast and incredible. It has got a very high memory, which does not define the amount of GB you have to receive. It is insanely incredible!

Are you the loud music kind of person? Then here is some good news for you! Pump it up! What are we really talking about? With the 5linx powerplay, you can now have as much noise with your music as your ears permit you. The 5linx powerplay is a double ended sword, which means it has 2 very strong speakers. The volume capacity is just crazy. It is a small device, but the volume cannot compare to that.

Get a 5linx powerplay today, and enjoy your music to the fullest. With the powerplay, there are no wire attachments, but the clarity of the phone calls you receive is super good. With it, you have the full liberty to make conference calls, as well as personal phone calls.

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